Industries Served


Mining and mine product processing has been and continues to be an important segment of Autologic’s business.

  • Current MSHA training certifications.
  • 100% Perfect MSHA record (Contractor ID# J754)
  • Over 60,000 recorded hours as a mining contractor.
  • Typical Mining Projects:  Power, Automation, Controls, Programming & Start-up Support.

Mining Concentrator Facility

Power Generation

We have extensive experience with various fossil fuels power stations. Our specialty is upgrading outdated controls in auxiliary systems. We have experience in ash handling, TWIPS, coal conveying and soot blowers.


Relay Based System


As a company based in Richmond, VA, supporting the tobacco processing industry continues to be a important part of our business.

  • Experience with processing and material handling for all phases of the tobacco industry.
  • Leaf processing, packing, blending, cut filler and final packaging.
  • Typical Tobacco Projects:  Automation, Controls, Programming & Start-up Support.

Pharmaceutical & Chemical

Autologic has provided onsite support at pharmaceutical and chemical facilities for over 17 years.  We are certified in validation documents preparation and execution.  We also have experience with various DCS systems, specifically Delta-V system design and programming.


Pharmaceutical and Chemical

Fibers & Plastics

Many of our staff members have come from the Fibers and Plastics industry.  We have experience with various Variable Speed Drive systems (AB, Yaskawa, others).  Our team can interface supervisory and monitoring systems with extruders, winders, rolls, ovens and material handling systems.


Fibers and Plastics


Autologic is a qualified Small Business supplier in both the Federal and Virginia procurement systems.  We have both contracted directly on government projects and have also sub-contracted for specific programming/controls tasks.

DOS Cabinet